Reflections and Highlights from Sacrifice or Abandonment?

I'm still in a high after my first event this past weekend at Sip Unwine in Brooklyn. Titles Sacrifice or Abandonment? we dived into a difficult conversation around the impact of migration on the children left behind. I shared my story as well as others, while not all stories were the same there were similarities, there were different perspective, there were Ah Ha moments. 

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Thoughts of a Young Professional Therapist

You are the high achievers, the ones that are working 8 to 7 at your "9 to 5" jobs, trying to survive in an expensive city, in a changing country.  The pressures of your life are intense, there are messages around you that say you need to be a good friend, good employee, good partner, good family member. Attend all the events, go to the birthday brunches, happy hours, make those trips, get the promotion but when you go home you're tired, overwhelmed, anxious as all hell about the things you didn’t get done today and what needs to be done tomorrow.  All you really want to do is crawl up into a ball and cry, because everyone else has it together and you are expected to as well. 

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How to Divorce Depression

I have been seeing a client  (lets call her Renee) for over a year and a half. We have spent a significant amount of time working through the impact her boyfriend’s depression has had on her and the relationship. For the first time it really stood out to me that I usually spend my time treating the depressed person and not the person being impacted by the depression. Her reflection of how learning to cope with the depression has turned into a positive life experience was beautiful to listen too.  Rather than feeling burdened by depression’s role in their life she has learned to manage it and respond better to her partner which has kept their relationship going.

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