Individual therapy is a very rewarding experience, we all have things that we can improve about ourselves. We believe that throughout our lifespan our experiences good and bad leave an imprint on us and we at times struggle to move forward and be our best self. If you are struggling with deep rooted issues that you have been unable to face and resolve we are here to help you work through them. Deep scars have the greatest impact, we delicately but with a straight forward approach help you identify how your past is shaping your present. As your therapist we will help you build the skills needed to find growth, healing and move you to a more healthy future. 





Couples and Marital Counseling

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For couples struggling to maintain their relationship, we offer counseling where couples can feel safe in their partners presence, where you can get to know each other deeply without fear of rejection. We work to provide a space where you both can heal and be emotionally responsive to each others needs. Couples therapy offer a space for you to set goals and improve your relationship. Couples therapy is not just to save a relationship but to maintain it, keep it healthy and successful.



Pre Marital Counseling



Congratulations on your engagement! Before you take this huge step its important to ensure a strong foundation and address any unattended concerns before you walk down the isle. Pre marital can be a great way to start off your new adventure.



Families are the core of our existence and upbringing, there are transitions, losses and conflict that impacts the family as a unit. Group sessions can provide a space for everyone to be heard and share their experience. 



Often children/teenagers are not able to verbalized the hardships they face to their parents and teachers. If your child is displaying Externalizing Behaviors:Truancy, Substance use, sexually explicit behavior, poor grades,verbal and physical aggression, AWOL &curfew breaking Internalizing behaviors:Depressive symptoms, avoidance, isolation, anxiety. We work closely with guidance counselors to ensure the needs of your teen are met. We also provide family counseling and parent child skill building as conflict between parents and their children are especially high as they transition into adolescence.